About Us:
Key Organizational Programs:
“After School Assistance to At-Risk Youths” provided to thirty students utilizes Kumon methodology to offer social, study, and character education skills. 
“Neighborhood Food Bank” in collaboration with the South Jersey Food Bank strives to provide nutritious, fresh, frozen, and canned food year-round to Camden, NJ, an area often referred to as a food desert.
“Youth Summer Camp” in collaboration with Bridging the Gap and UMDNJ-SPH plays an integral role in shaping the minds of experiences of Camden City’s future leaders.
“Healthy Cooking Classes” are utilized as a means of introducing families to ways of maximizing healthier lifestyle choices in the kitchen, to pair with physical lifestyle choices outside of it.
“Senior Citizens Exercise and Fitness Classes” are chances for the backbones of the community to stay active with others amidst physical ailments.
“Youth Obesity Awareness” echoes the mission of First Lady, Michelle Obama, to combat the everyday, unhealthy temptations that target the nation’s youth.
“Minority Worker Training” prepares marginalized job seekers with career development training including resume writing, interviewing, and interpersonal communication skills.
“Community Garden” works in conjunction with Camden Children’s Garden to refurbish vacant lots in the community, transforming them into viable food sources and communal outdoor spaces.
“Homeownership Council” prepares aspiring first-time homeowners with financial information to make possible their dreams of purchasing a home.
“Family Counseling” aims to provide support and mediation in varied life situations that affect the dynamics of the family structure.
“Basic Computer Literacy” aims at introducing a disadvantaged population to the rapidly growing technologically driven 21st century by providing computer skills that allow us to communicate consciousness. 
“Life Skills Classes” comfortably introduce topics on character development, mental and emotional health, financial literacy, self-awareness, and community consciousness. 
“Boy/Girl Scouts” aim to promote the values of South Jersey Boy Scouts Council and Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey in the community of Camden City.